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Republic First Christian Church "Founders" Scholarship

The Republic First Christian Founders Scholarship was established to honor the churches' pioneering leaders and others who were affiliated with the growth of the church.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to children whose parents or grandparents have been active members of Republic First Christian Church for at least one year as of the scholarship deadline, or children who have been active members of the youth organization and attended church regularly for at least one year. Eighteen year olds and older are required same as above, active member for the last year.

The scholarship is made available to reward young people within the Republic First Christian family who have demonstrated exceptional academic and leadership skills and have a desire to advance their education beyond traditional high school. As Republic First Christian is a dedicated ministry organization, emphasis is given to applicants pursuing a degree in a seminary field (the emphasis is in the form of five bonus points, see scorecard); however, those entering other fields of study are encouraged to apply.

A scholarship in the value of $500.00 is awarded annually to students applying. Eligible applicants are grades 7th and up planning to attend an accredited two-year technical school, four-year college/university, or master's degree program. Scholarship paid to students having completed (passing) 1 year of upper education. Proof to be turned in before payment issued. Scholarship selections are made by a panel of judges made of 1 person from each: Elders, Deacons and Christian Women Fellowship. Scholarship selections are based on the question and answer portion of the application. The following scorecard is utilized for judging the five answers provided by the applicant. Application good only the year submitted.

In case there are no applicants the scholarship will be carried over to the next year and awarded as an additional scholarship that year. Applicants may win maximum of two times, but not in consecutive years. Payment will be in same, not same year or consecutive years. Selection Scorecard:

* Bonus: Five additional points are awarded to applicants pursuing a degree in the seminary field.

TO APPLY: Applicants must complete and submit the scholarship application below. Applicants must also submit two letters of recommendation and a photograph of themselves to: Republic First Christian | Karen Allcorn, PO Box 302, Republic MO 65738.

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